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Lavacow Summer Auction

Lavacow Summer Auction

Wednesday, July 12, 8:00 PM (EEST)


This summer, we bring you an auction that is defined by vibrant colours, dreamy themes and characters that seem to be one with the sea breeze. Enjoy the complexity of Horia Bernea, the originality of Geta Brătescu, the transcendence of Marin Gherasim, the enigma of Ion Alin Gheorghiu, the muses of Sabin Bălașa, the geometry of Spiru Chintilă, the mythology of Alexandru Rădvan or the oneirism of Felix Aftene.

The Lavacow Experience
  • Emerging Eastern European artists showing great potential for value appreciation
  • A buyer premium that stands at half the traditional auction house practice
    (8-12% compared to 18-27%)
  • Reduce or entirely wipe out the buyer premium by making Bonus Recommendations!
  • Create an avatar and personalize your participation in The New Revolutionary Auction Room
  • We take care of everything - welcome the art delivered directly to your door!



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