Lot 5

Bucium Iași Chess Set

50 × 50 × 16.5 cm (19.7 × 19.7 × 6.5 inch)


Sold for €325


Lot Notes

Do you like playing chess? Do you like having a good drink? Why not do both? Engage in an unpredictable and savoury competition! The better you get, the more pieces you take from your opponent! Only by winning the game you can capture and savour all of your opponent's pieces: 32 marvelous recipients that can be filled with the translucent nuance of the drink, with flavours obtained from the best fruits, according to traditional recipes. If there is a rebate, the result will be amazing for both competitors! We challenge you to try the ultimate expression of utilitary refinement, doubled by the respect for the most noble mental occupation: CHESS! A sober chess board made of varnished wood with a sumptuous chess game made of sandblasted glass support the 16 + 16 chess pieces. This is a lofty gift, a necessary and adequate presence during the toughest negotiations!

Capacity: 500 ml plum brandy + 500 ml rameros. 

Alcohol concentration: plum brandy: 38 degrees; rameros: 42 degrees

Producer: The Agro-industrial enterprise Bucium Iași, Romania 



This Lot is available for inspection at the Lavacow office on request only.

In addition to the hammer price you will have to pay the buyer's premium, which represents 16% of the hammer price. Lavacow members benefit of a reduction of the tax to 15% in the case of 'Collector' members and to 14% in the case of 'VIP' members.

You can choose to pick up the Lot from the Lavacow office in Bucharest, free of charge, or have it delivered from our office to your address, in which case you will cover any related expenses and taxes.



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