A Collection of Myths and Legends. Ion Iancuț and Petre Velicu

    By Lavacow Editorial

    Lavacow dedicates an entire auction to Ion Iancuț and Petre Velicu, two Romanian artists with a strikingly original visual discourse. Both artists, born in 1950, integrate symbols and archetypal figures into their works, strongly relating in their oeuvre to religion, myths and legends. ...

  • Dalí Sculpture Sold at Lavacow for €12.500

    By Lavacow Editorial Team

    Lavacow is proud to announce the sale of Venus Spatiale, the most important artwork by Salvador Dalí that has ever been ...

  • A Blend of Whisky and other Spirits

    By Lavacow Editorial

    A Blend of Whisky and other Spirits includes a fine selection of exquisite liquor. Discover a wide range of special edition whisky, alongside a variety of exotic ...

  • The Joan Miró Auction

    By Lavacow Editorial

    Lavacow celebrates one of the greatest artists of the 20th century: Joan Miró. Discover a selection of Miró’s graphic works rendering the complexity of his life and oeuvre. Enjoy Miró at his finest in works ...

  • Magic, Glamour and Diamonds for the New Year's Eve

    By Lavacow Editorial

    Experience the magic of a glamorous New Year's Eve, surrounded by exquisite silverware, delicate miniatures and beautifully-painted fine china, while embellishing yourself with the sparkle of ...

  • Lavacow Winter Auction

    By Lavacow Editorial

    The Winter Season brings at LAVACOW a complex blend of artworks by modern and contemporary artists, ranging from Corneliu Baba, Ion Irimescu, Alexandru ...

  • The Picasso Auction

    By Lavacow Editorial

    Pablo Picasso is probably the most important figure of 20th century art. Lavacow celebrates this great master with a collection of lithographs, etchings ...

  • Cold War Memorabilia

    By Lavacow Editorial

    A fine selection of objects from the Cold War era, ranging from anniversary medals and pins to 

  • Lavacow Autumn Auction

    By Lavacow Editorial

    A selection of artworks by established Romanian artists (Paul Neagu, Horia Damian, Horia Bernea, Ion Bitzan, Marcel Iancu, Daniel Spoerri, Magdalena Rădulescu, Ștefan Câlția, Sorin Ilfoveanu, Mircea Roman) ...

  • The Lavacow Jewelry Auction

    By Lavacow Editorial

    Enter a dreamlike world, sparkling with gold, diamonds, pearls, rubies, topazes, emeralds and ...

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