Double Heads Matches and Anti-Functional Objects in a new Lavacow Auction

Double Heads Matches and Anti-Functional Objects in a new Lavacow Auction

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By Lavacow Editorial

A new Lavacow auction is set to take place on Monday, November 24, at 9 pm EET. Comtemporary East, Lavacow Auction #6 acts like a broadband for important Post-war and Contemporary Eastern European art, simultaneously communicating multiple signals and frequencies from today’s art scene. Approximately 40% of the artists in this auction are Hungarian, German, French, Spanish, Austrian, Bulgarian or Italian, while most of the Romanian artists are well-known figures on the international art market: Mircea Cantor, Lia & Dan Perjovschi, Ion Grigorescu, Christian Paraschiv, Peter Jacobi, Horia Damian.

From the compendium of iconic artworks, some of the most representative from an art historical point of view are: Joan Miró’s "Marvaillas con Variacioness Acrósticas en El Jardín de Miró 9" (chromolithography, estimate: €600 – 900), Georges Braque’s "Profil à la Palette (Galerie Maeght)" (chromolithography, estimate: €400 – 500) – a version of this work is part of the TATE Collection - and Salvador Dalí’s "Cecile Receives Germeuil’s Letter (The Marquis de Sade Portofolio)" (chromolithography, estimate: €900 – 1.200). Also in the league of the very famous names is Friedensreich Hundertwasser, best known for the Hundertwasser Houses in Vienna, this time with the 1984 colour silkscreen "Homo Humus come va 10 001 nights" (estimate: €1.500 – 2.000).

Turning to the Eastern European artists, to name just a few artworks, there are: "Coming or leaving" (oil on canvas, estimate: €1.000 – 1.400) by István Máriás (Horror Pista), a young promising Hungarian artist showing a strong influence from the Cluj School of Painting, and “Anti-functional Object” (perforated map, estimate: €700 – 900) by Ladányi-Tóth Miklós. A completely different view offers the Moldavian artist Marc Verlan, with his ingenious work "Lenin in October" (oil on canvas, estimate: €2.500 – 3.500).

"The head of Shozo Shimamoto" by Lia and Dan Perjovschi (ink on lithograph, estimate: €500 – 900) hides a very surprising story. The artwork is part of a project by Shozo Shimamoto, the famous Japanese artist, in which he sent copies figuring the shape of his own head to artists worldwide to fill them in. The current work, dating from 1988, is one of the few collaborative works between Lia and Dan Perjovschi.

Another highlight of the current auction is "Double Heads Matches" (object, estimate: €3.000 – 3.500) by Mircea Cantor, a worthy follower of Marcel Duchamp’s readymade art. The object is part of a larger project based on the 2002 video "Double Heads Matches”, for which the artist approached the Gherla match factory in Romania, commissioning it to produce an edition of 20.000 boxes of double-headed matches. This out-of-the-ordinary commission entailed the factory to return to hand-based production from its normal automated procedures.

Lavacow Auction #6 contains also an exquisite Romanian photography section: Peter Jacobi with "Hommage to Brâncuşi" (estimate: €1.500 – 2.000), Mihai Oroveanu – former Head of the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest - with "Nude" (estimate: €1.500 - 2.000) and Ion Grigorescu with "Măriuca Iosifescu" (1973, estimate: €3,000 - 3,500).

The auction lots are available on, where you can place offers in advance or can participate live at the online auction on Monday, November 24, 9 pm EET. Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of the exclusive artworks brought together by Lavacow and let yourself venture into a remarkable art auction!

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