Lavacow: Art without Frontiers – from Picasso to the Cluj School of Painting

Lavacow: Art without Frontiers – from Picasso to the Cluj School of Painting

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By Lavacow Editorial

The third Lavacow auction, on the 31st of July, 9 p.m. EEST, draws the art market’s attention to a finely balanced multicultural mix. Artists from Romania, Poland, Denmark, Spain and Russia meet in the virtual space of an online auction to display their artistic values shaped by the more or less different contexts, histories or personalities.

The Lavacow auction tells a new story about Picasso. Fans can purchase the etching "Portrait (Pour Robie)"(estimate: 550 – 750 euros), authenticated by the Societe de Verification de la Nouvelle Gravure Internationale of New York and Paris. The story goes that Picasso made the drawing for the etching to help his good friend Robie, by that time in a difficult financial situation.

The Cluj School of painting, a hot topic in the international media, especially after the recent record of Adrian Ghenie (almost 1.8 million euros in the Sotheby’s contemporary art evening sale), is represented by Șerban Savu with the artwork "Fighter" (estimate: 3.000 – 4.000 euros) and by Szabolcs Veres with "Snobish Interior" (estimate: 3.000 – 4.000 euros). The two lots carry also the highest pre-sale estimates in this Lavacow auction.

For the very first time at Lavacow, Dane Asger Jorn, the founding member of the avant-garde movement COBRA, is present in the auction with a chromolithography. "Defiguration" (estimate: 800 – 1.200 euros) depicts an essential theme of his artistic creation. Other important international artists participating in the auction are Polish artists Przemek Dzienis and Diana Lelonek, both with works of photography, and Russian artists Alexander Chursin, Alexander Selivanov and Oleg Ustinov.

Among the more striking lots is the "Blue Sound" by Cătălin Udrea (estimate: 900 – 1.500 euros), the sculpture of a horse as the metaphor of the perfect harmony of movement, made of royal blue resin and reminding of Yves Klein’s iconic blue. Similarly, the Russian artist Masha Bogoraz is present with "Bull Terrier" (estimate: 1.200 – 1.600 euros), another blue sculpture, this time in the shape of a Pitbull, a recurrent theme for the artist. Also present is Daniel Spoerri with "Eaten" (estimate: 400 – 600 euros).

The advantage of resides not only in the attractive ratio between valuable artists and affordable prices, but also in the revolutionary technology that allows bidding for desired artworks in a perfectly safe and discreet manner from the privacy and comfort of your own home. Seize the opportunity and dare to bid for your favourite art on Thursday, 31st of July, at 9 pm EEST!

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