Lights, Shadows and Expectations in the Lavacow Autumn Sale

Lights, Shadows and Expectations in the Lavacow Autumn Sale

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By Lavacow Editorial

On October 27, at 9 PM EET, Lavacow hosts its Autumn Auction in celebration of the power of seduction of East European art. By far one of the most lavishing offers of contemporary art made by the online-only auction house, the sale magnetizes its audience with a full house of appealing artworks.

Although seduction is a keyword to Lavacow’s current auction, the star lots have their own personal code. The great expectation of the sale is Horia Damian, acknowledged by the international forums as one of the most important Romanian contemporary artists, with the artwork "Airplane" (estimated: €500 – 900), part of a rare series created by the artist in the '90s, reflecting his genius for an inventive mix between traditional methods of painting and innovative techniques.

Another great presence in the Lavacow auction room is Victor Man, proclaimed the Artist of the Year 2014 by Deutsche Bank, with "Lighted Day" (estimated: €8.000 – 13.000). Puzzling and also compelling, the artwork, created during the years the artist spent at the Jerusalem Studio School, is a metamorphosis between two realities, the everyday one and an intangible one, suggested by the inscription "Day of the Dead". Similar artworks by the artist have been auctioned at Christie’s in recent online-only sales.

Whether it is a possible contemporary love scene like in Mark Kostabi’s work, a provoking look as with Marcela Medvedikova, a true sex symbol like Warhol’s Elvis or a classical icon of seduction like in Lichtenstein’s work, art has proven not only to be a means for the visual translation of seduction, but a seducer in itself. Take for example "Seductive Girl" by Roy Lichtenstein (poster in screenprinting after the original in 1996, estimated: €300 – 500), which is a monumental Pop tribute to art history's most enduring subject - the female nude. The original picture was sold at Christie's New York in 2013 for $31,525,000. On the other hand, Warhol’s "Elvis" (estimated: €2.000 – 2.500) represents not only the craze over one of the greatest sex symbols the media has known, but over Pop art as well. This artwork is part of a limited edition of 49 porcelain-mural artworks.

Two other intriguing works in the current auction are Joseph Beuys Exhibition poster from the Hedendaagse Museum (estimated: €150 – 200), and "Singing Bird" (estimated: €60 – 80) of the controversial Tracey Emin. A copy of the Beuys exhibition poster was acquired in 2008 by the TATE Museum, while Emin’s work is a temporary tattoo created especially for the 2007 Venice Biennale, where the artist represented Great Britain, the same year she was chosen to join The Royal Academy of Arts in London.

Other artists present in the online art auction are Ion Grigorescu, Vasile Grigore, Constantin Blendea, Ágnes Eperjesi, Florica Prevenda, Mircea Roman, János Huszti, Christian Paraschiv, Vladimir Șetran, Gil Nicolesco, Roman Tolici, Sami Briss, Ion Stendl, Gheorghe Șaru, Zsuzsánna Bíró, Ion Bitzan,Imre Debreczeni, Gheorghe Zărnescu, Andreea Floreanu, Gheorghe Fikl, Alina Ondine Slimovschi, Imre Barna Balázs, Szentes Zágon, Ruxandra Grigorescu, Beniamin Popescu, Radu Rodideal, Alexandru Gelehrter, Bogdan Mateiaș. Part of this online auction are also the famous Spanish artists Joan Miró and Antoni Tàpies.

 The auction lots are available on, where you can place offers in advance or can participate live at the online auction on Monday, October 27, 9 pm EET. Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of the seductive artworks brought together by Lavacow and let yourself venture into a remarkable art auction!

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