A work by Ion Țuculescu sold at Lavacow for €60.000

    By Lavacow Editorial Team

    Most of those who visited the Lavacow booth at Art Safari were amazed by the intense, yet delicately juxtaposed colours of Țuculescu ‘s Childhood (Landscape in ...

  • The HOSPICE Carnival Benefit Auction

    By Lavacow Editorial

    The proceeds from this sale will benefit children facing an incurable illness and cared for by HOSPICE Casa Speranței. For 24 years, a major part of the activity of HOSPICE Casa Speranței has been channeled ...

  • Two Years of Lavacow at Art Safari Bucharest 2016

    By Lavacow Editorial

    This month, we celebrated our two year anniversary auction at the most prestigious art pavilion in Romania, the annual Art Safari Bucharest. Exactly 3 years before, in May 2014, Lavacow was launched at the first edition of ...

  • A Precious Event at Lavacow on April 26

    By Lavacow Editorial

    This spring is all about colour, brilliance and luxury! You can now step into the spotlight wearing a refined pair of diamond earrings and give your outfit an edge with an Art Deco design ring. Or why not choose a ...

  • The Perahim and Briss Auction

    By Lavacow Editorial

    A collection of surrealist works by Jules Perahim and Sami Briss creates the perfect getaway to a dreamlike, mythical universe. On the one hand, Briss plays with fairy-tale images of princesses accompanied by charmed ...

  • Neagu Bronze Hand Sold at Lavacow for €15.000

    By Lavacow Editorial Team

    A complex work by internationally acclaimed Romanian artist Paul Neagu was sold at the Lavacow Spring Auction for €15 000 against an estimate of €2000 ...

  • From a Facebook Obsession to Briemberg's Algorythm

    By Lavacow Editorial

    Discover the names of reference in Romanian contemporary art, Corneliu Baba, Horia Bernea, Ovidiu Maitec, Florin Mitroi, Ion Alin Gheorghiu, Paul Neagu alongside edgy Romanian contemporary artists such as ...


    (Triumph Gallery)

    19.02.2016 — 13.03.2016, Triumph Gallery Triumph Gallery is presenting a series of exhibitions under the name of EXTENSION, which will show the current ...

  • Between History and Culture: Medals, Plaques and Pins

    By Lavacow Editorial

    Lavacow invites you to explore the values and history of the European civilization in the Medals, Plaques and Pins Auction. Witness glorious moments in the history of Romania, including the coronation of ...

  • A Collection of Myths and Legends. Ion Iancuț and Petre Velicu

    By Lavacow Editorial

    Lavacow dedicates an entire auction to Ion Iancuț and Petre Velicu, two Romanian artists with a strikingly original visual discourse. Both artists, born in 1950, integrate symbols and ...

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