Rare Books and Autographs

    By Lavacow Editorial

    Discover a rare manuscript of Mihai Eminescu’s poem ”Și dacă ramuri”, with the great poet’s signature and explore “The Myth of the Eternal Return”, a volume that bears Mircea Eliade’s hand-written signature. The auction also contains a letter by ...

  • Art & Fashion for Education

    By Lavacow Editorial

    The Art & Fashion for Education project invited some of the most interesting Romanian fashion designers to create unique apparels inspired by works of art. The aim of the auction is to ...

  • Knoll Galerie, Budapest - CEE galleries at viennacontemporary

    Tina Kaplár (Art Guide East, 2 November 2015)

  • "Din Inimă pentru Viitor" Benefit Auction

    By Lavacow Editorial

    Style up with a Mosetti suit, a unique evening dress by Maria Marinescu or a Iutta handbag! The T-shirt and football signed by Gheorghe Hagi will make you feel like a ...

  • The Edelweiss Grand Opera Dinner Benefit Auction

    By Lavacow Editorial

    Explore the Edelweiss Grand Opera Dinner Benefit Auction and discover a Wilson tennis racket signed by 

  • An Artist's Profile: Salvador Dalí

    By Lavacow Editorial

    Explore Salvador Dalí's diverse oeuvre: from sculptures to lithographs, jewels and even tarot cards, this auction ...

  • A Tale of Whisky

    By Lavacow Editorial

    The Auction A Tale of Whisky includes a fine selection of rare spirits at prices that start from €20. Discover the 18 Year Old ...

  • Highlights from the Teodora (Dodi) Bernea Collection

    By Lavacow Editorial

    The Auction Highlights from the Teodora (Dodi) Bernea Collection proposes some of the greatest names in Romanian contemporary art. Horia Bernea’s most ...

  • The HOSPICE Gala Benefit Auction

    By Lavacow Editorial

    The HOSPICE Gala Benefit Auction proposes a diverse selection of artworks, objects and experiences. Discover artworks by Marga ...

  • Interview with Pavel Brăila

    Kinga Lendeczki (Art Guide East, 26 August 2015)

    The Chișinău and Berlin based artist and filmmaker Pavel Brăila created this year the Moldovan pavilion for the 

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