Lavacow @ Contemporary Istanbul

    By Lavacow Editorial

    In November 2013 Lavacow had its first public appearance at Contemporary Istanbul art fair with a booth presenting the new innovative concept of online-only auctions. Contemporary Istanbul is one of the most important art fairs in the region hosting a number of 95 galleries and receiving more than 72.000 visitors ...

  • One for the Money, Two for the Show

    Texts by Emile Ouroumov, Iara Boubnova, Paul O'Neill, Stefan Nikolaev (Les Presse Du Reel: 2013), bilingual edition (English / ...

  • Mircea Cantor launches first Romanian exhibition

    By Oana Vasiliu (Business Review 22 April 2013)

    More than 1,200 people have attended the opening of the first local solo exhibition of one of the most important young artists to emerge on the international scene over the last decade: Mircea ...

  • Bulgarian Modern Art Evokes International Attention


    The World Bank Group celebrates its 20+ years of partnership with Bulgaria with an exhibition of 20+ contemporary artists SOFIA, November 12, 2012 — During the last two decades Bulgaria has accumulated an ...

  • The Bulgarian Nouvelle Vague

    Edited by Boiana Gjaurova (Edno, 2012)

  • Peter Jacobi

    Edited by Isabel Greschat, Texts by Bettina Schönfelder, Dorothée Bauerle-Willert, Isabel Greschat (Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg, ...

  • Ostalgia

    Edited by Jarrett Gregory, Sarah Valdez. Forward by Lisa Philips. Text by Massimiliano Gioni, Ekaterina Degot, Victor Misiano, Joanna ...

  • Serban Savu

    Texts by Rozalinda Borcila, David Cohen, graphic design by Dan Miller (Hatje Cantz, 2011)

  • Gender Check. Femininity and Masculinty in the Art of Eastern Europe

    Preface by Edelbert Köbb, Rainer Fuchs, Agnieszka Morawinska. Text by Boris Marte, Christine ...

  • Avant-Garde in the Bloc

    Edited by Gabriela Switek. Text by Alexander Alberro, Sabine Breitwieser, Rachel Haidu (JRP Ringier, Bilingual edition, 2010, 528 ...

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