Lot 7

Sabin Bălaşa

Himera (The Chimera)

Oil on canvas
33 × 53 cm (13 × 20.9 inch)

Sold for €5,750



This lot comes from the collection of Eugen Barbu.

The artwork is featured in Mircea Deac, Sabin Bălaşa (Bucharest: Meridiane Publishing, 1984), plate 51.

Lot Notes

Sabin Bălașa is certainly one of the most important Romanian contemporary artists, for his creation, also labeled as “cosmic romanticism”, is unique in the history of art.

As Mircea Deac has argued, "Sabin Bălașa’s oeuvre is permeated with myths about life and death, childhood and youth, the fear of disaster and the hope for rebirth, the force of human creation and the mysterious power of the universe."

Bălașa’s works are dominated by blue, a colour that symbolises the connection between humans and the universe. Hence, blue is a boundless place that generates infinite freedom and liberates the imagination. The artist himself stated: "to me, blue is the most remote light that gives me the feeling of eternity. I say ‘light’ because any colour is light."

The juxtaposition between the figures enhances the ethereal atmosphere of the work, whilst the combination of intense colours, along with the sense of calm and stillness that pervades the painting, make the composition appear as suspended in time and space.


Sabin Bălaşa

Dobriceni, România, 1932 - Bucharest, Romania, 2008


Solo (Selection)
  • 2006 - Paints 2 frescoes for the Library of the Economic Studies Academy, Bucharest, Romania (National)
  • 2002 - A.I.Cuza University, Iaşi, Romania (National)
  • 2000 - World Trade Center, Bucharest, Romania (National)
  • 1994 - Israel (International)
  • 1982 - Stockholm, Sweden (International)
  • 1982 - R.S.R Museum of Art, Bucharest, Romania (National)
  • 1978 - Rome, Italy (International)
  • 1974 - Sofia, Bulgaria (International)
  • 1968-1978 - Paints the 19 frescoes of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza Univeristy, Iași, Romania (National)
Group (Selection)
  • 1979 - Norway, Sweden, USA (International)
  • 1976 - Greece, Russia, Finland (International)
  • 1970 - International Painting Festival, Cagnes-Sur-Mer, France (International)
  • 1966 - Rome, Italy (International)
  • 1960 - Cairo, Alexandria, Egypt; Damascus, Syria (International)
  • 1958 - Moscow, Russia (International)
  • 1956 - Warsaw, Poland (International)
Biennial (Selection)
  • 1961 - Youth Biennial, Paris, France (International)

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