Gheorghe Iacob

b. Meteleu, Romania, 1925


Solo (Selection)
  • 2008 - Dalles Hall, Bucharest, Romania (National)
  • 2008 - "Treapta forului public – sculptură, spații ambientale în mozaic", Dialog Gallery, Bucharest, Romania (National)
  • 2008 - "La subsuoara norilor – plenitudine și fluiditate, pictură și acuarelă", Mogoșoaia Cultural Center, Romania (National)
Group (Selection)
  • 1990 - "Romanian Contemporary Art", Lyon, France (International)
  • 1984 - National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, Greece (International)
  • 1970 - "Romanian Contemporary Art", Italy (International)
  • 1969 - "Eight Romanian Artists", Hague, The Netherlands (International)
  • 1968 - "Six jeunes peintres Roumains", Lambert Gallery, Paris, France (International)
  • 1967 - "Romanian Contemporary Art", Anvers, Belgium (International)


  • Fine Arts Union Award for Monumental Art, 1971
  • Fine Arts Union Award, 1958

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