Madlen Zărnescu

b. Vama, Romania, 1950
Based in Bacău


Solo (Selection)
  • 2008 - “Minimalist Art”, New Gallery, Bacău, Romania (National)
  • 2005 - Artis Gallery, Bucharest, Romania (National)
  • 1976 - Slobozia County Museum (National)
Group (Selection)
  • 2009 - “Mihai Eminescu” Society for Romanian Culture in Chernivtsi, Ukraine (National)
  • 1996 - Hussite Museum in Tábor, Czech Republic (International)
  • 1991 - Căminul Artei Gallery, Bucharest, Romania (National)
Biennial (Selection)
  • 2010 - Biennale of Microformat Art in Cordova, Spain (International)


  • Honorary award from the Chişinău Mayoralty, Republic of Moldova , 2009
  • Grand Prize of the Bacău branch of the Fine Artists’ Union of Romania, 2005
  • Fine Arts Prize granted by the Cultural Foundation of Bukovina, 2003
  • Grand Prize of the Fine Artists’ Union of Romania at the “Salons of Moldavia” art competition , 2002
  • Graphics Prize at the “Lascăr Vorel” Biennale in Piatra-Neamţ, Romania , 1997


  • Chişinău Art Museum, Republic of Moldova
  • Chernivtsi Art Museum, Ukraine
  • European Center for the Promotion of Arts and Literature, Lorraine, France
  • CIALEC International Center for Literature and Art, Cordova, Spain

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