What is Lavacow?
Lavacow is a platform dedicated to Emerging Eastern European Art for collectors to take part in online-only auctions and discover promising new artists. It consists of curated auctions (Auctions) and an information hub of archived international press material (News & Events).

How do I buy on Lavacow?
First you have to register an account with Lavacow. You can place bids before the start of the auction, in either the auction preview or real-time, during the online live auction - or even buy out immediately the artwork you love, before the auction, by using the "buy out" option. Bids placed before the start of the online live auction are considered as maximum offers.

What happens if I place a bid during the auction preview?
We will use your bid in the live online auction to offer the next increment for you, up to the value of your offer, and only as long as there is competition for your bid.
This means you may not spend the entire amount of the bid you've placed to win a lot.

What is the price I may buy the lot?
We display the starting price for each lot. The market estimates for such lot would be, in principle, in between 150-250% of the starting price. You may place a pre-auction bid/offer for a lot (or you may buy it out, prior to auction, at the specified value). Once bids are received for the lot, the starting price, displayed below the lot, is replaced by the current price. Any further bids must be higher than the current price. You may buy the lot either by winning the bids competition (latest at the moment of the actual auction) or by exercising the buy out privilege, when such chance is specified below the lot
. The buy out privilege may be available only till one hour before the start of the auction.

How does bidding advance at auction?
Bidding generally advances according to the increments set below, however, the final increments are subject to the auctioneer’s discretion.

For prices up to 50 euro the bidding increment is 5 euro.

For prices between 50 and 99 euro the bidding increment is 10 euro.
For prices between 100 and 199 euro the bidding increment is 20 euro.
For prices between 200 and 499 euro the bidding increment is 25 euro.
For prices between 500 and 999 euro the bidding increment is 50 euro.
For prices between 1000 and 1999 euro the bidding increment is 100 euro.
For prices between 2000 and 4999 euro the bidding increment is 200 euro.
For prices between 5000 and 9999 euro the bidding increment is 250 euro.
For prices between 10000 and 19999 euro the bidding increment is 500 euro.
For prices between 20000 and 29999 euro the bidding increment is 1000 euro.
For prices between 30000 and 39999 euro the bidding increment is 2000 euro.
For prices between 40000 and 49999 euro the bidding increment is 2500 euro.
For prices higher than 50000 euro the bidding increment is 5000 euro.

Do I get to see what other bids were placed during the auction preview?
You can view bids received during the auction preview in the Bidding History of each lot. To get access to the Bidding History you have to log in. Bidding during the online live auction will start from the preset starting price and will increase first through the offers received during the auction preview, followed by real time bidding.

What happens during the online live auction?
Each auction preview is followed by an online live auction. You have to be registered to enter the virtual auction room as a viewer, however, you will be allowed to place bids real-time only after you fill in all mandatory Auction Settings in your account. You can choose to be represented in the auction room by an auction avatar and will be assigned a paddle number. In the online live auction you have complete control over bidding at each increment.

How can I enter the virtual auction room?
You can access the virtual auction room in the Auctions menu. Enter the auction room for a preview before the start of the online live auction and return during the online live auction to follow the auction and/or place bids real-time. In oder to view the online live auction you have to be registered on lavacow.com.

What information about me becomes public during the online live auction?
The only account information we make public is: your city and country of residence, your avatar (if you choose to have one), your alias (not email address but a nickname, should you choose to have one) and the paddle number you have been assigned. You can view and edit this information in My Lavacow -> Account Information.

What do I have to do if I am the successful bidder for a lot?
Make sure that you have your account information updated with your current shipping and billing addresses. We will send you an invoice and instructions for payment. You can pay either by credit card directly on the Lavacow website or by bank transfer. After receipt of your payment the goods will be delivered to your address.

What is the final cost of my purchases?
In addition to the hammer price you will have to pay the buyer's premium, any shipping expenses, import VAT and taxes, and any other fees or taxes applicable to the sale. You can choose to pick up the lot from the Lavacow office in Bucharest, free of charge, or have the lot delivered from our office to your addreess, in which case you will cover any related expenses and taxes.

What is the buyer's premium?
The buyer's premium represents 16% of the hammer price. Lavacow members benefit of a reduction of the tax to 15% in the case of "Collector" members and to 14% in the case of "VIP" members.

How do bonus recommendations work?
Invite new art lovers and bidders to Lavacow and you receive a bonus in the amount of 1% from the Buyer's Premium for every recommendee. You will be awarded the bonus only after the recomandee registers and bids.

What if I missed out on a lot during the online live auction and it did not sell?
During the time of the online live auction you can ask for the auctioneer to call back an unsold lot by pressing the Recall Button. This way you still have the chance to offer the starting price, which is usually below the pre-sale estimate. After the end of the online-live auction, usually for up to 10 days, you can still offer to buy the lot for a value equal or higher to 125% of the starting price.

I have an artwork that I want to sell on Lavacow. What should I do?
Send us a photo of the artwork and relevant information at consignment@lavacow.com or just log in and use our specially designed for you Consignment Centre. We are mostly interested in post-war, contemporary and young (supercontemporary) art from Eastern Europe.



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