Lavacow in London

    By the Lavacow Editorial

    The Lavacow Going East Auction #40 was a thrill like no other. The auction had 70 lots on offer, 72% of which were sold, and it hit a record-breaking total of €345,000. Among the delights of the evening was Adrian Ghenie's enigmatic Van ...

  • Holiday Retreat with Contemporary Art

    By Lavacow Editorial Team

    This summer, we bring you an auction that is defined by vibrant colours, dreamy themes and characters that seem to be one with the sea breeze. Enjoy the complexity of Horia Bernea, the originality of ...

  • Three Years of Lavacow

    By Lavacow Editorial Team

    Our third anniversary is for and about you. The "cake" is made out of vivid colours and heavy brushstrokes, whilst the "assortments" are dedicated to all taste collectors. We invite you to relish in Marin ...

  • Mărțișor Power!

    By Lavacow Editorial Team

    Lavacow marks the first auction of 2017 with a special selection that spans from masters such as Alexandru Ciucurencu, Corneliu Baba and Ion Țuculescu to some of the most ...

  • The Christmas Auction - Art is Freedom

    By Lavacow Editorial Team

    Discover an impressive and universal column by Horia Bernea, alongside artworks created by members of the Prolog group, such as Paul Gherasim, Horea Paștina, Mihai ...

  • Edelweiss Classical Celebrations Dinner Benefit Auction

    By Lavacow Editorial Team

    Participate in the Edelweiss Classical Celebrations Dinner Benefit Auction and enter into a world of elegance and fantasy. The fiery red Aurora handbag offered by Lyria will add passion to the everyday ...

  • Post-War and Contemporary, Lavacow Auction #35

    By Lavacow Editorial Team

    This is not your ordinary autumn. We have prepared a feast for your eyes and soul. Escape into the metaphysical world of Ion Țuculescu through one of his most important totemic works. Experience the magical ...

  • Gala "Din Inimă pentru Viitor" Benefit Auction

    By Lavacow Editorial Team

    The funds raised will be used to support the two social polyclinics run by the Regina Maria Social Polyclinics Foundation. In addition, they will be used to consolidate and develop several projects that ...

  • Contemporary East, Lavacow Auction #34

    By Lavacow Editorial Team

    Lavacow reunites some the biggest names in Eastern European contemporary art for a poetic autumn auction. The intense, bewitching work of Ion Grigorescu will strike a chord with any art lover, whilst the ...

  • The Art of Tomorrow

    By Lavacow Editorial Team

    The Art of Tomorrow Benefit Auction aims to help the first 3D painter in Romania, the young artist Daniel Relenschi, who has been diagnosed with skin cancer. Although he has undergone a successful surgery, ...

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