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Triumph Gallery

19.02.2016 — 13.03.2016, Triumph Gallery

Triumph Gallery is presenting a series of exhibitions under the name of EXTENSION, which will show the current art scene of different countries. In 2016 the art gallery will host group exhibitions of artists from Romania, Azerbaijan, South Korea and Iran.

The EXTENSION project addresses artists whose work possesses distinctive local elements but at the same time is embedded in the general context of contemporary art. Each EXTENSION exhibition will acquaint spectators with well-known names, who can be encountered at international biennale and in leading global museums, and also young art and new trends. Awareness of one's own identity and the globalization of culture will become the main topics of each project: the spectator will be confronted simultaneously by dedication to traditional techniques and searches for a new visual language.

Each exhibition of the EXTENSION project will be accompanied by an educational programme with lectures by invited curators, public tours and the publication of a catalogue.


Curators: Dan Popescu (Bucharest), Yana Smurova (Moscow)

West Romania:
Teodora Axente
Zoltán Béla
Iulian Bisericaru
Zsolt Bodoni
Răzvan Botiş
Radu Comşa
Sándor Szász
Leonardo Silaghi
Radu Cioca

East Romania:
George Anghelescu
Ion Bârlădeanu
Marin Gherasim
Dumitru Gorzo
Marian Zidaru
Nicolae Comanescu
Gili Mocanu
Anca Mureşan
Adrian Preda
Roman Tolici
Florin Ciulache
Stefan Ungureanu

The EXTENSION.RO exhibition will present research into contemporary Romanian art based on the example of representatives of art trends from East and West Romania. The complex historical events of the 20th century and their consequences: the revolution of 1989, existing ethnic diversity, a geographical location bridging the West and Eurasia — these had an impact on the specific paths of development of the contemporary art environment in Romania.

In total 21 artists will participate in the exhibition, primarily from Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca. After the collapse of the socialist bloc, the cultural development of these two cities proceeded in different directions, with each meriting individual attention. EXTENSION.RO includes both well-known and new generation artists, representatives of the 1990s and 2000s, whose careers coincided with the establishment and relative maturity of the commercial art market in the country.

The contemporary art scene in Romania’s capital stands out due to the vast diversity of art styles and techniques. At the same time, however, the artists are far less engaged in social or political dialogue. They are marked by a more traditional, in places archaic visual language, an appeal to sacred topics, combined with a significant degree of irony and even sarcasm, which is attributable to the influence of the dada heritage, in particular Tristan Tzara. The appearance of the first art galleries, including conceptual art, and the opening of the National Museum of Contemporary Art in the Palace of the Parliament building (one of the most controversial buildings in Europe) make the capital’s art scene extremely diverse. The paintings and objects of Marian Zidaru, Gili Mocanu, George Anghelescu, Adrian Preda and many other representatives of this trend will be exhibited on the first floor of the gallery.

In 2013 the Huffington Post newspaper named Cluj-Napoca one of the twelve global cities of Art of the Future. To a large extent this cultural centre of Transylvania owes this title to The University of Arts and Design, which launched a constellation of contemporary artists who deserved global renown and made it possible to talk about the establishment of a Cluj School, with its own characteristic figurative language. Many of their studios occupy the Paintbrush Factory multidisciplinary art complex (sited in the building of a former paintbrush factory). Nevertheless, in terms of the artists from this region, EXTENSION.RO transcends the framework of the existing representation of Cluj in the world, stressing that development of the visual language here focused on the Western heritage of such classics of the 20th century as Magritte, Bacon, Freud and others. These artists bring together historical introspection, experiments with the classical canons of painting and conceptual ideas. Over the past five years they have consistently ranked highly in the ratings of such key art publications as Flash Art, Artnet and ArtReview. The paintings, objects and sculptures of Radu Cioca, Leonardo Silaghi, Teodora Axente, Răzvan Botiş, Zoltán Béla and others will be shown in Moscow, as well as the works of Zsolt Bodoni and Sándor Szász, who live in Budapest, Hungary but frequently address the issues of Transylvania’s historical memory.

With the support of:
Embassy of Romania

H'art Gallery (Bucharest)

Mobius Gallery (Bucharest), Anca Poteraşu Gallery (Bucharest), Sabot Gallery (Cluj-Napoca), Galerie Kornfeld (Berlin), Galerie Michael Schultz (Berlin), Green Art Gallery (Dubai), Ana Cristea Gallery (New York).

*Featured image: H'art Gallery // Adrian Preda, Commerson Dolphins in Tramway, 2011, oil on canvas, 100 × 140 cm @ H'art Gallery

Featured image and article in full were originally published by Triumph Gallery at http://www.triumph-gallery.ru/en/events/extension-ro.html

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