February Collide-oscope

February Collide-oscope

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By the Lavacow Editorial

The art market has historically overlooked certain forms of interdisciplinary practice. “Collide-oscope” is a Lavacow series that aims to cut through the art world chatter and focus on the surprising intersections.


  • Despite blockchain technology being 10 years old, it has recently been surrounded with a hype hardly seen since the arrival of the Web. And yet nobody told us there might be a soft side to the blockchain imaginary. On Valentine’s Day, a digital photograph of a rose became the “world’s most valuable piece of virtual artwork ever sold”. "Forever Rose", as it was named, raised over one million dollars when a group of ten buyers bought it with two cryptocurrencies.
  • Philosopher Ovidiu Gherasim-Proca could perhaps help us resist the polarised thinking about technology being both magic and loss and move towards a more constructive technology criticism. He is launching his book, "Almost Counter-discourse", on March 3rd at ODD, Bucharest. Join the discussion.


  • This spring Romanian artist Alexandra Pirici fills the south galleries of the New Museum in New York with “Co-natural”, a performance in which one of the six dancers is but a projection. The hologram compellingly alludes to how human presence can be fragmented across time and space.
  • “The Leaps of Aesop” is the title of Geta Brătescu’s first solo show in New York. In an interview for the New York Times, the artist talks about the practice of drawing as a form of dance. No wonder she regards Charlie Chaplin as a major influence.


  • Art scholarship has been benefitting from a quiet rewriting of East German art. Having developed largely outside of a market system, East Germany offers art historians an “alternative modernism”. There are wonderful parallels to be drawn between this phenomenon and the differentiated and rich variety of artistic voices that emerged in communist Romania.


  • On February 1st, Daily Plinth, the site awaited to become the art world’s version of YouTube, launched. Its co-founder, Cornell DeWit, believes that ultimately "the deeper engagement afforded by video content will lead to increased real-world engagement with art.”
  • Last but not least, February was the month in which we caught a precious glimpse of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s less publicised art collection.



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