Interview with Marian Ivan. Ivan Gallery, Bucharest @ Frieze New York

Interview with Marian Ivan. Ivan Gallery, Bucharest @ Frieze New York

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Art Guide East, 29 May 2015
Ruxanda Renita

In 2006, Marian Ivan opened Ivan Gallery in Bucharest, which underscored the Romanian contemporary art market scene's invigoration. Known for its conceptual yet Cluj School alike aesthetical experience, the gallery represents ten Romanian artists and is looking for expansion. This year, Ivan Gallery brought Geta Brătescu’s works at Frieze NY’s Spotlight section under Adriano Pedrosa’s curatorship. Find out more about Geta Brătescu’s works, Frieze and Romanian art from Marian Ivan.

Ruxanda Renita: In May, Art Guide East enjoyed your presence at Off-Biennale Budapest. Now, we have the pleasure to see your booth at Frieze Art Fair New York. Why did you choose to exhibit here?

Marian Ivan: It is the third time we exhibit here, in Frieze NY. I simply love NY and Frieze is such a great fair. The museums here, the galleries, the large number of collectors coming to visit New York this week, I wouldn’t miss the opportunity.

RR: You represent seven Romanian artists. Why did you choose Geta Brătescu for Frieze this year?

MI: Actually I represent ten Romanian artists (although Bartha Sandor is Hungarian and lives in Budapest). We will certainly extend in the near future the program of the gallery also to international artists, probably starting with 2016 or even end of this year. It is quite exciting for me and I look forward to it. Going back to your question, we didn't choose Geta Brătescu, but rather proposed to the curator of Spotlight section, Adriano Pedrosa, and he (together with the committee) chose her.

RR: At Frieze, Ivan Gallery exhibits within Spotlight section. Tell us more about your decision.

MI: Spotlight section as you already know presents artistic position known or less known internationally but someone of “historical” relevance, from different parts of the worlds. We have already participated in Spotlight section in Frieze Masters, London, twice in 2012 and 2014. So we know how important it is to participate in this section and also how relevant for an artist as Geta Brătescu.

RR: Brătescu’s concept on womanhood is a topic which appeals to me and…am sure to many other women. How was Brătescu’s message received at Frieze?

MI: In Geta Brătescu’s body of works there are aspects or series of works which are still less unknown internationally, less “explored”. What we chose for Frieze NY this year were series of works never exhibited before, part of them not even in Romania. People were nicely surprised and excited about these series of works.

RR: Ivan Gallery is the only Romanian gallery exhibiting at Frieze New York this year. Could you comment on it?

MI: I cannot comment on this, each gallery takes the decision to participate in certain art fairs according to their own agenda and strategy.

RR: Which are the next fairs you are having on schedule and why did you select them?

MI: In the following months, we have scheduled several museum shows rather than art fairs. In June, seven of the artists that I represent will participate in Viennale, at MAK Museum. Also in June, Geta Brătescu will have an important museum show in Tate Liverpool. Henry Moore Institute will open in August a big show with Paul Neagu.

RR: With Cluj School ‘boom’, Romanian art attracted a lot of attention globally. How do you consider the market for the Romanian art today?

MI: I think Romania attracts a lot of attention globally also with the new wave of young film directors and the prizes they win each year in international film festivals.

RR: Lastly, was Frieze a successful fair for Ivan Gallery this year?

MI: Yes, I am quite happy with the results.

*Featured Image: Ivan Gallery @ Frieze New York, Installation view



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