10 Ways to Get Rich

10 Ways to Get Rich

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By Lavacow Editorial

Art enriches you emotionally, culturally and financially in the Contemporary East, Lavacow Auction #9, to take place on 23 February, 9 PM EET. Salvador Dali, Joan Miró, Andy Warhol, Christo and Jeanne-Claude are featured alongside established Eastern European talents, including Geta Brătescu, Dan Perjovschi, Daniel Spoerri, Jules Perahim. Additionally, selected works by promising young artists, such as János Huszti, Maria Bordeanu, Toni Minge, Samir Vancica, Ghica Popa, Imre Debreczeni, Cosmin Haias bring freshness into the Lavacow offer.

Feed your soul with beauty and creativity. Discover a meditation by Toni Minge on that beautiful stage in our lives called “Eternal Childhood” (oil on canvas, estimate: €1.000 - 1.400) and enjoy the melancholic seascape rendered by Maria Bordeanu in “Man With a View” (oil on canvas, estimate: €800 - 1.500). Explore new ways of looking into Marcel Duchamp’s life through a “snare-picture” of a meal “Eaten by Marcel Duchamp”(serigraph in colours on canvas, estimate: €350 – 550), a representative artwork for Daniel Spoerri. Christo’s "Surrounded Islands"(C-print, estimate: €400 – 600) is also something to consider. The original project involved surrounding eleven islands in Miami's Biscayne Bay with 603,850 m2 of pink polypropylene floating fabric. The installation was completed in 1983 and was available to the public for two weeks.

Enrich your knowledge through a cross-cultural experience: literature is the main focus in Dan Perjovschi’s “Truman Capote” (inkwash and ink on paper, estimate: €600 – 900), whilst Salvador Dali comes to the fore with the work “Merville and his Sons Reunited” (chromolithography, estimate: €900 – 1.200) from the series “Three Plays by Marquis de Sade”. In addition, the master of Romanian comic book art, Pisica Pătrată, shows us in his painting “Untitled (Urban Creature)” (acrylic on canvas, estimate: €700 – 1.200) a glimpse of the witty works that are produced in vibrant urban areas. Equally interesting is Huszti’s “Man with a Bag” (acrylic and oil on canvas, estimate: €600 – 800), which seems to propose a confrontation between modernity and tradition.

Art is a wise investment and you cannot go wrong with Salvador Dali’s "Le Cheval de Course"(ceramic tile, estimate: €400-700), a work that reaffirms the primordial connection that exists between humans and animals. Another valuable item is Joan Miró’s “Lighted Shadows” (chromolithography, estimate: €400 – 600) which was part of "Lithographe I", a 1972 volume that was produced in collaboration with Mourlot. If Warhol and his “Double Marilyn” silkscreen print (estimate: €700 – 1.200) naturally does not leave one indifferent, how could you not notice an artwork that provides you with “10 Ways to Get Rich”, as is the case with the installation by Cosmin Haias (light installation and oil on canvas, estimate: €1.500 - 2.000).

Contemporary East, Lavacow Auction #9 will take place online on 23 February, at 9PM EET. You can view the lots, place bids in advance or participate in the live online auction at

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