History Games, a Sybil, Bibles and Tulips in the Lavacow Anniversary Auction

History Games, a Sybil, Bibles and Tulips in the Lavacow Anniversary Auction

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By Lavacow Editorial

Lavacow celebrates its first Anniversary Auction with a special selection of vivid, charming and powerful works by renowned twentieth century artists including Roy Lichtenstein, Henri Matisse, Victor Vasarely, Andy Warhol, Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Alongside these are featured thought-provoking lots created by European contemporary artists such as Mircea Cantor, Costin Ioniță, Ioana Bătrânu, Ileana Oancea, Vlad Iacob, Tony Cragg, Markus Lüpertz, Ivan Messac, Dan Perjovschi, Lia Perjovschi, Daniel Spoerri, Gili Mocanu, Arnulf Rainer and Günter Brus.

Several of the works that are up for auction have been exhibited between 13 and 17 May at the second edition of Art Safari, the Bucharest international art fair. Costin Ioniță’s “Sybil I” (resin, stainless steel and auto dye, estimate: €10.000 – 15.000) has been one of the fair’s main attractions. The sculpture plays with the symbolism of the sybil, whilst creating an antithesis between the nudity of the figure and the cornette that she wears.

Daniel Spoerri’s “Table of Albert Anker” (3D construction and print on glass, estimate: €500 - 800) has been equally popular at Art Safari. In this “tableau piège”, Spoerri makes a reference to Albert Anker, the “national painter” of Switzerland, whose hallmark was the depiction of the life of Swiss villagers during the nineteenth-century. If Andy Warhol’s “Green Marilyn” (screeprint, estimate: €400 – 600) has charmed the participants through its chromatic intensity, the “Storyteller” (oil on canvas, estimate: €1.200 – 1.800) by Georgeta Năpăruș has captivated them due to its complexity. Two of the most promising Romanian contemporary artists, Gili Mocanu and Mircea Cantor, have also been part of our exhibition with Bibles and Tulips” (acrylic and ink on paper, estimate: €3.500 – 4.500) and “Double Heads Matches” (Princeps edition of the exhibition poster, estimate: €700 – 1000), respectively. The playfulness of Ileana Oancea’s “Tip Toe” (wood and resin, estimate: €600 – 800) and of Henri Matisse’s “Zulma” (lithograph on Velin BFK rives, estimate: €600 - 900) kept the visitors entertained and cheerful.

One of the most important Pop art images, Roy Lichtenstein’s “As I Opened Fire” (three offset lithographs, estimate: €350 – 450) will also be included in the auction, along with “Parsifal” by Markus Lüpertz  (colour etching, estimate: €500 – 700). Turner Prize winner Tony Cragg will make his presence felt through a lithograph titled “Administered Landscape” (estimate: €700 – 900). The dazzling composition of “Hat-Leg” (€500 – 600), a helio-engraving by Victor Vasarely, the “father” of the op art movement, fascinates and eludes the viewer.

Lavacow Anniversary Auction will take place exclusively online, on May 25, at 9 PM EEST. Join us on this special occasion at, where you can view the lots, place bids and take part in the live online auction!

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